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Have you heard of Traffic Wave before? … is an online “auto responder” service …

In my opinion, is the best auto responder on the Internet. An auto responder is the most important marketing tool on the web since it allows you to automatically send a string of emails to potential customers. Most customers on the Internet do not buy anything until they have seen or heard from you at least 7 times. An auto responder makes that kind of follow up easy and automatic. 

But is different than most all the other auto responders, because lets you send an unlimited number of email sequences (a.k.a., “campaigns”) … with an unlimited number of emails per campaign … to an unlimited number of subscribers … all for a low fixed tax-deductible investment of just $17.95 per month. 

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The Fast Profits System gives me 21 ways to make money free.Would you like to send an email & make $1,000 over night?

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And where exactly do you keep your list?

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Plus the Fast Profits System includes a new Done-For-You Sales campaign every month for Free!

Each month, you will receive a pre-built sales campaign which includes:

  • A pre-written hosted sales page (you don't need a website for this)
  • An Ads package:  Text ads, classified ads, & banners
  • Email campaigns
  • Squeeze page design
  • & a complete product deliver system

All you have to do is promote your link ...
& remember, I'm going to show you how to do that too!

If you want to further build your list & get more sales ...

You can import that month's email campaign & promote your own squeeze page.


How The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Solves Your Money Problems Automatically

If you are serious about making money and you’re willing to invest at least 5 minutes into a proven way to make money online … a system that works automatically once you set it up … then grab a cup of coffee and read this entire report … 

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  • The Traffic Wave Money Maker System is 100% automatic once you set it up (you can do more if you want, but you don’t have to).
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  • You will learn all about Internet marketing including affiliate marketing, copy writing, creating products, and more so you can do more to make more completely independent of the Traffic Wave Money Maker System … if you want to.
  • If you choose to market other products (affiliate products, CPA’s, or your own products), the auto responder is the ideal method of staying in contact with potential and existing customers so you make the extra sales.
  • Your income will grow virally.
  • Make sure you get in before our next 1 Million emailing! … Seriously, don’t miss this.
  • You don’t need to know anything about computers or selling; you don’t even need a website
  • The Traffic Wave Money Maker System comes with a pre-written sales campaign (loaded with lots of free bonuses & resources for your potential customers) to build your income. You can import it in minutes, change a few parameters, and you’re set to go … but this is optional; you don’t have to do it to make the system work.
  • The Traffic Wave Money Maker System comes with a massive viral advertising system already built in. 
  • You will get free “Wealth and Success” training as well. You will learn how to develop a mind for success and how to invest your new income to make even more money.
  • I’m even going to add in prizes and profit-sharing campaigns soon.
  • You will never have to make any cold calls or direct-selling of any kind … unless you want to.
  • There is no inventory, no handling or shipping products, no collecting payments, and no writing checks.
  • You never have to buy or accumulate any products.
  • There are no employee or management responsibilities.
  • There are no hidden expenses or fees.
  • You can build your business faster by offering valuable products for free.
  • A complete novice with zero business experience and zero Internet experience can set it up and operate in less than 5 minutes. If you can fill in a simple form and click “Submit”, you can do this money maker system.
  • Even the ultimate expert in Internet marketing and online business will discover valuable new information here.
  • If you are willing to invest a little time, you can even Get Paid to help us build your income Seriously, why would I outsource some of this stuff to an outsider if I have people that want to help, get paid, AND increase their income at the same time? … But there again, it’s optional.
  • Your costs will not rise as your income grows … in fact, your costs won’t rise … period.
  • I’m going to start the next 1 Million emailing campaign by the end of next month … Get in now so you can ride the wave of income!

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In a moment, I’ll explain to you exactly how the Traffic Wave Money Maker System works … and then you can decide if you can afford to skip this opportunity or not … but first let’s explore why this program literally can’t fail.

After the 30-day free trial, the Traffic Wave Money Maker System will cost you $17.95 per month … that’s the absolute, unavoidable minimum cost … and the maximum … you will ever have to invest. This tiny fee gets you the #1 best auto responder service on the web … the #1 most important online marketing tool every business needs … and one of the most powerful income opportunities on the planet. 

But I’m going to throw in a few freebies that make this the best money you ever invested …

First, I’m going to effectively give you a turn-key copy of my entire system (which you will have to do absolutely nothing to set it up). 

Second, you are going to receive at least one extremely valuable bonus gift every month for at least 2 full years. Every one of these bonus gifts will provide you powerful information and/or tools for building more online income. You can use these bonuses to build your income from the Traffic Wave Money Maker System faster and/or you can use it to develop hundreds of other profit streams online. 

These free bonus gifts are easily worth 5 times your monthly investment. 

How The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Works:

Have you noticed most of the income offers on the Internet today dwell on what you get, but they don’t really tell you "what it is" or "how it works" … until after you buy the product or service?

Well, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to tell you exactly what the program is, how it works, what you get, and exactly what you need to do … as well as what it will do for you. 

As I already said, the most important tool for online marketing is the auto responder which is simply a tool that sends a sequence of emails (called a “campaign”) to anyone that enters their name and email address in the “opt-in” form. Auto responders are not very exciting, but they are immensely useful and absolutely indispensable for making money on the Internet. I don’t care what you business is … if any portion of your business is online, you need an auto responder.

The problem (or more perhaps I should say the “opportunity”) is not all auto responders are the same. Most auto responder services raise their price as you add subscribers and/or campaigns; you can see a cost comparison of the most popular auto responder services here:

# Subscribers Aweber Constant
iContact GetResponse Trafficwave
0-500 $19 $15 $10-$14* $18* $17.95
501-2500 $29 $30 $14-$29 $28 $17.95
2501-10000 $49-$69* $75 $29-$74 $45* $17.95

* Pricing info is a range & will vary based on # of subscribers & other variables.
All prices accurate at the time this table was published.

But is different … has been around for more than 10 years, it costs just $17.95 per month regardless of how many subscribers, campaigns, and emails you have. Plus includes other valuable services such as Tracking URL’s, email broadcasting, and assorted advertising services … don’t worry if you don’t what these all are; you don’t need to know to make the Traffic Wave Money Maker System work. also offers an awesome income plan as well! You can make as much as $88,587 with just one of the income streams, and I’ll show you in a minute how to make even more. 

The income plan for follows the network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model with some really powerful features I’ll explain in a moment. 

But first … the problem with MLM is you normally have to recruit friends and family, make phone calls, inventory and sell products, buy a quota amount of products for yourself, nurture the egos of people in your downline, pick up and distribute products, pay shipping, write commission checks to your downline, collect payments from your customers, and lots more … yuck! 

To make the “MLM model” even less enticing, as you advance to higher levels, you often have to buy even more over-priced products for yourself every month to qualify to keep getting your commission checks!

I’ve done it, and it’s NOT fun!

Fortunately, with the system, you don’t have to do any of that … 

In fact, you can’t do any of that! There are no products; there is only the service. It’s on the web, and it’s completely self service … with a great support system if you need help with something. 

By the way, can help you with the service only; they are not involved with my Traffic Wave Money Maker System built around the service. 

And my Traffic Wave Money Maker System is not available anywhere else; if you want it, you gotta get it here.

Get Started Right Now For FREE!

As I mentioned, your subscription is fixed at $17.95 per month … you can put money into advertising if you wish, but it’s entirely optional. You don’t have to buy any products, and you can fully automate your recruiting

In fact, I already have!! uses a “3x10 Forced Matrix” architecture which means you earn commissions on anyone who joins your network 10 levels below you, and each person can only sponsor 3 people directly below them.

For example, when the Traffic Wave Money Maker System automatically recruits 4 people in your network, the first 3 go on your first level (Level 1), and the 4th recruit goes under one of the 3 people in your level 1. 

That’s called “spillover, and it means I am very interested in putting people in your organization. 

See, if you’re on my level 1, and I put someone under you, then that person is on your level 1 and my level 2, and you and I both make an override commission each month.

Here’s a quick picture of how it works:

Traffic Wave Forced Matrix - Spillover

Now, the compensation plan is set up so once your level 1 has 3 people, your $17.95 per month is automatically paid for you … 

“Recruit 3, and yours is free”

But since we have “Spillover”, you and I both work on filling your level 1 (and beyond), not just you.

And this is just one type of income you can make from You can read more about the commissions system when you click the Step 1 button below (click "Affiliate Plan" after clicking the Step 1 button).

Get Started Right Now For FREE!

"The Money Is In The List"

The income potential alone is enough reason to join, but it’s not the reason most people sign up for an auto responder ...

The real reason is because “the money is in the list.” 

In other words, an auto responder is a great way to build, maintain, and communicate with your list of customers and potential customers. In fact, it has been proven many times that most online customers will not purchase until they have seen your offer or heard from you 7 times on average. This means your auto responder needs to send at least 7 emails offering your product or service. 

It’s not my intention to train you on auto responders here and now (I have a complete free training program on email marketing and auto responders for you after you join my team). 

My intent here is simply to tell you that you must have an auto responder if you plan to make money online, and I want to show how you absolutely Will make money with the Traffic Wave Money Maker System.

The tough part of any MLM program is “building your downline” (a.k.a., “recruiting”) … 

And the hard part of using an auto responder is writing an effective series of emails (i.e., your campaign). 

Fortunately, I have already taken care of both of those problems for you. 

When you join my team, you will effectively get a turn-key solution for building your network. An extremely powerful advertising system and website is already set up for you, and my pre-written email campaign can be imported directly into your account. This money maker system lets you offer all your recruits the exact same benefits you will get.

And your potential recruits are going to love my pre-written emails, because it's loaded with free bonuses and resources that will show them how to save money, how to invest, how to see if the market is a "Buy" or "Sell" within 5 seconds, how to get paid to join the Traffic Wave Money Maker System, and Lots, LOTS more! Even if they don't join right away, your potential customers will reap huge rewards from these emails ... which you don't have to write!!!

In other words, in just a few minutes, your recruiting engine will be set up and producing results for you and offering hundreds of dollars worth of free bonus gifts to you and your recruits (everything you and your recruits will get is provided below).

Get Started Right Now For FREE!

Do you think someone would join your money maker system and pay a fixed price of $17.95 per month when they get valuable bonus gifts worth many times that for free each month?

Plus, at the same time, we will be automatically building a spare-time income for your recruits with no effort required on their part … up to $88,587 per month? … Yea, I think so too!

I know what you are thinking though … What’s the catch?

And you’re right, there is a catch. You have to get traffic to your website … 

There’s always a catch isn’t there? 

Well, I’ve fixed that problem too. If you act fast, you’ll make it into my upcoming “1 Million Emailing” where I’ll be sending an email to one million people interested in making money online inviting them to join the Traffic Wave Money Maker System.

This is NOT a safelist submission … this is a purchased one-time emailing to 1 Million active subscribers who have recently indicated an interest in making money online.

You can check the web page below to see when the next 1 Million emailing is scheduled.

Get Started Right Now For FREE!

But wait, I’m not finished …

As I mentioned before, you also benefit from spillover when I recruit from my ad co-op and massive emailings … and you benefit from the efforts of your upline between you and me. also offers an ad co-op for $39.95 per month, but they don’t have the power of my system for recruiting, and my ad co-op costs less than theirs. 

If you want to participate in’s ad co-op … Great! Go ahead. 

The Ad Co-op advertises using Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing; my ad co-op does not. But when you get sign-ups through’s ad co-op (and you will!), be sure to send them to this website for the Money Maker System ad co-op and all the free bonuses. This service is what will make them successful, and you want them to be successful.

But what about all that free marketing available on the Internet?

That’s the real beauty of my system. When you join my ad co-op, which focuses on paid advertising, you reap the benefit of all my free advertising as well (I’ll explain how later). Plus, when you see all the free monthly bonuses you are going to get (most of them are listed below), you’ll see you are going to get some really effective training, techniques, and tools to generate a bunch of free traffic as well. 

Now, as with all free advertising methods, paid advertising provides faster results whereas free methods provide long-lasting traffic at no extra cost. So, I’m sure you will want to use both … especially since I’m going to do it for you!!! 

How The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Works

The diagram below shows a high-level view of the entire Traffic Wave Money Maker System. 

It may look complicated at first glance, but it’s actually fairly simple when you break it down. By the way, if you want a larger version that’s easier to see, just click on the diagram below, and a new window will open up with a larger view.

Traffic Wave Money Maker System Overview - Do you need money?

Let’s step through the picture from left to right. 

Starting on the left, you will see we are using a lot of different types of marketing for our money maker system … some free & some paid … some online & some offline ... The ad co-op funds are used to pay for the paid advertising, and we can afford bigger and better advertising as more people join the ad co-op.

All these marketing avenues drive traffic to our primary offer page as well as a dozen “viral” sites (shown at the top of the diagram) which also drive traffic to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System offer page. These viral sites are very important, because every time a new person visits the viral page, even more people are notified about the page … and these pages offer valuable free bonuses. 

Once someone reviews the Traffic Wave Money Maker System offer page (which is the current page you are reading) and decides to join our program … he completes Step 1 which signs him up for a 30-day Free Trial with … using our “URL Rotator”. The URL Rotator is loaded with the affiliate links for all our Ad Co-op members. 

And on the right side of the diagram above, you can see represented by a 3x10 Forced Matrix. is where your income comes from.

The new recruit then completes Step 2 to join the "Traffic Wave Money Maker System" (TWMMS)Ad Co-op so he can get all the monthly bonuses and automatic recruiting for his network and the new "Fast Profits System"!

Now, here is the important thing to notice …

All advertising … paid and free … goes to this one offer page (either directly or through one of our viral sites), and every member of the Ad Co-op gets their fair share of recruits … automatically!

You don’t have to do anything!!!

When we send out 1 Million emails, some of the respondents will join the Traffic Wave Money Maker System under you. When we use PPV marketing, ezine ads, national classified ads in real newspapers, space ads in real magazines, and loads of free marketing … all the new sign-ups end up in the downline of the Ad Co-op members!

And … Since uses spillover … 

  • If the affiliate link for someone in your upline signs up, you may well get that person in your downline too. 
  • If someone signs up with your affiliate link … or anyone in your downline’s affiliate link … the new recruit joins your downline too!

Can you SEE The POWER of this?!?!

Get Started Right Now For FREE!

The big problem with all the network marketing systems out there … whether online or offline … is YOU gotta get your recruits … but not anymore! 

Invest just $17 per month for the Ad Co-op … less than 60 cents per day … and your income grows on autopilot!

Think about it … a 1 Million emailing costs hundreds of dollars and you have to have the right email to make it work … and we’re going to move to 10 Million emailings soon. PPV, ezine ads, solo ads, ads in real magazines & newspapers, banner ads on sites with 1000’s of hits per day … all of these cost a bunch of money. You get it all for just $17 per month … with a 5-figure pay-off.

And once again, the more people that join, the better your results will be. 

Here’s the bottom line … if you’re in the Ad Co-op, you get the power of all our free and paid advertising … both online and offline … and just imagine how you will feel if you miss out when we go on radio and TV! 

And don’t forget, you’re getting a ton of valuable Internet Marketing and Wealth training plus our Hi Speed Marketing Secrets Guide which you can use to generate even more free traffic to our offer page … which helps build all our incomes. Imagine what will happen when you have a hundred people in your downline all generating free marketing for us.

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