How The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-op Will Automatically Make You A Fortune

The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-op program is a very powerful service that will automatically build your monthly income up to $88,587 … or more. The Traffic Wave Money Maker System is a very program all by itself, but the ad co-op described here is really the crown jewel that will rocket to huge monthly incomes very fast. 

As you might have gathered, the ad co-op lets you pool a small monthly investment with lots of other people to get paid advertising in a very efficient way. As the TWMMM membership and ad co-op grows, the paid advertising we use will also grow, but the real power of the co-op is all the free advertising benefits you will receive as well. I’ll show you how the co-op works a little bit later, but for now here’s a quick summary some of the paid advertising methods we are using or soon will be: 

  • Pay Per View (PPV)
  • 1 Million Emailings (eventually will grow to 10 Million emailings)
  • Solo ezine ads
  • National classified ads in newspapers
  • Eventually, radio and TV.

Here Is A Sampling Of What The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-Op Will Do For You:

  • Your first 2 months (60 days) in the ad co-op are 100% free
  • Includes comprehensive Internet Marketing & Wealth training
    Once you join the ad co-op, you don’t have to do anything to build your income (but guidance is provided in case you want to grow your income even faster)
  • All traffic is equally distributed among all shares
  • Provides you with access to a multitude of effective paid advertising for a very low, fixed monthly price
  • All participants have motivation to help with even more free advertising
  • You benefit from all paid AND free advertising and marketing to every page on the Traffic Wave Money Maker System website
  • The ad co-op is available to all members
  • The more participants there are, the better the ad co-op works
  • You can get sign-ups on your personal Traffic Wave affiliate website and then send them to participate in the Traffic Wave Money Maker System ad co-op with all the same benefits and bonuses.
  • Limited number of ad co-op shares with dilution protection
  • Since the Traffic Wave program offers spillover, your upline’s contributions and sign-ups benefit your income as well.
  • You can even get paid to build your income (details provided here)
  • Very low cost per share per month guaranteed for as long as you continue your subscription for each given share.

How The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-Op Works

The way the ad co-op works is actually fairly simple. The co-op sends targeted traffic (i.e., people looking to make money online) to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System home page. However, the Traffic Wave sign-up link from the home page actually links to a “URL Rotator” that includes all current co-op members’ Traffic Wave affiliate links. The URL Rotator simply routes each visitor to the next Traffic Wave affiliate link on the list. 

For example, if the URL Rotator had just two Traffic Wave referral links in it … let’s assume it has just yours and mine … then when a visitor comes to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System home page and clicks the Traffic Wave sign up link, he will be routed to your referral link and signs up under you (which means you get a referral commission every month). Then the next visitor is sent to my referral link, and I get the referral. The third visitor would go to your link, and so on.

But here’s the really cool part … Let’s say I sponsored you and two others (so my first level is full); now the next sign-up I get would be placed under your downline … via “spillover” … and we both get a monthly commission. That’s right … you get commissions on your referrals and some of mine as well! … We’ll discuss spillover more in a bit, but first, let’s talk about the system. 

The basic flow of the Traffic Wave Money Maker System is shown in the diagram below:

Traffic Wave Money Maker System Architecture

From the diagram, you can see that our advertising and marketing sends traffic to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System home page. Visitors join the next referral link on the list (Step 1); then the visitor completes Step 2 and joins the ad co-op to get massive automated profits and a massive set of Internet Marketing and Wealth courses, and the ad co-op buys more advertising … Thus, the cycle continues but with ever-growing ad funding. Just imagine what happens when we send a mass emailing to a million (or 10 million) people interested in making money online.

But You Benefit From All The Free Ads Too

Take a look at the diagram again … Notice that co-op participants benefit from all paid ads … but notice you actually benefit from All advertising and marketing that brings people to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System home page. That means every article link, classified ad, search engine, blog and blog comment, forum entry, solo ad, PPV ad, offline ad, etc. that brings a visitor to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System home page benefits the co-op members. 

Can you see the power? … Just imagine if we’re ranked #! On Google for a half dozen keywords and getting literally millions of free visitors per month! Now, consider the ad co-op is limited to 200 shares. This concept means our architecture actually looks more like this:

Traffic Wave Money Maker System layout

But we’re not done yet. I have also added some extremely powerful viral pages external to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System home page that grows exponentially (i.e., “virally”) that link more traffic to the home page … in fact, there are 12 of them (so far), and each one offers a valuable free bonus to join the “Sales” newsletter so we can get people to comeback and sign up later. 

I have one site where I used just one of these internal viral pages and the viral page obtained a page rank of 2 in the search engines in less than one month! That means the page will rank high on search engine results when a visitor enters a specific keyword or phrase … and I have 12 of them for this opportunity (so far). 

Furthermore, without boring you with all the details, the Traffic Wave Money Maker System home page is built on a technology that tends to quickly rank high on the search engines, and we are constantly adding more content pages pointing to the offer page and viral pages. This means our Traffic Wave Money Maker System architecture now looks like this:

Traffic Wave Money Maker System marketing breakout

And of course, I keep adding more and more ads, backlinks, and other traffic sources. Every new link and every new visitor contributes to raising our page ranking in the search engines. In fact, I’ll talk more about this in your free SEO lesson of the Member’s Internet Marketing training, but here is the basic formula for Search Engine rankings:

SEO Model

What this equation means is when you add more content (especially unique, quality, changing content), more links back to your site (a.k.a., “backlinks”), and more traffic to your web page, the search engine rank increases (i.e., you web page gets listed higher when the targeted keywords are entered). And of course, the higher your ranking, the more traffic you get from the search engines … which means you get more rank … and so on … This creates an ever-growing level of traffic resulting in faster sign-ups for the Traffic Wave Money Maker System. 

Can you see how the ad co-op puts your income on autopilot to massive profits?

What You Can Do To Get Bigger Profits Even Faster

As you can see from the discuss above, the more traffic, backlinks, and content we have, the more traffic and sign-ups we get. Plus, the phenomenal power is in the ad co-op which means more and more people join the co-op which puts more money into paid advertising … both online and offline. Just imagine what could happen for you when we take this to radio and TV!

So, What Can You Do?

You can visit the sites and stay on them for at least a few minutes so our “bounce rate” doesn’t rise and count against our page rank. You can create links to the site from blogs, forums, article directories, etc. You can send me your testimonials, articles, etc. (i.e., “content”) which I can post on the website to further boost rank and traffic. In fact, I have created a Speed Marketing Secrets Guide with an easy checklist of things you can do … including several “click 1 button” techniques. Anything you do from this guide will help build your income. But what if we could make this even better? …

How You Can GET PAID To Build Your Income

Obviously, as your downline grows, you will be building your income … and a fixed monthly investment of $17.95 for Traffic Wave and $17 per month for the ad co-op is literally nothing compared to the income you’ll get and the value of all the Internet Marketing & Wealth training you will get … but if you’re willing to do at least the minimum requirements outlined in the Speed Marketing Secrets Guide, I will actually pay you $18 per month. That’s like getting your Traffic Wave subscription for free. 

These speed marketing steps will only take you about an hour per month to do, and each step you take builds your income faster, but I will pay you to do it. Of course, once you have 3 people in your downline, your Traffic Wave subscription is free anyway, but you can still get the $18 per month. It doesn’t get any better than this! … You get valuable training that shows you how to make a fortune online, and automatically-growing 5-Figure Monthly income, and you get paid to perform free marketing to build your income!

The Multi-Dimensional Power Of The Ad Co-op: Tapping The Power Of Spillover

Now that you understand how the Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-op works, let’s revisit the concept of spillover. The Traffic Wave opportunity uses what is called a “3x10 Forced Matrix”. This means each person can sponsor 3 people directly under him, and you can earn commissions on everyone in your downline 10 levels below you. In other words, you can sponsor 3 people … that fills your “Level 1” … and each of those people can sponsor 3 below them … that’s your Level 2 (and those people’s Level 1). 

By the way, many MLM programs require you to personally sponsor a certain number of people to qualify for receiving commissions; that’s NOT the case in Traffic Wave. You do not have to fill your own Level 1 or even recruit anyone at all. Your upline could recruit your entire downline, and you still get paid. Of course, by getting your Traffic Wave affiliate link in the Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-op, you WILL directly sponsor people as well.

Each month, you get a commission on your Level 1, Level 2, and so on to Level 10. These commissions are how you can earn up to $88,587 per month. Traffic Wave offers lots of other commissions too, but that’s outside the scope of this discussion. So, the question is … “If you can only sponsor 3, what happens if you sponsor a fourth person?” Well, you can only have 3 people directly under you (i.e., in your Level 1), so the 4th person you sponsor “spills over” to your Level 2. This is the “Forced Matrix”feature. After your Level 1 is full, all others you sponsor are forced to the next available position under you. Let’s assume I’m your sponsor … if I sponsor a 4th persons and my Level 1 is full, then my fourth position is under you. If your Level 1 is also full, then my fourth recruit goes under someone on your Level 1 … that would be your Level 2 and my Level 3. 

Traffic Wave Money Maker System spillover

Now, if all these people had to be recruited in person like in a traditional MLM business (e.g., Amway, Shaklee, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Primerica, etc.), it could (and does) take years to build a meaningful downline .. very profitable when you get there … but it normally takes years. But image the Traffic Wave Money Maker System offer page is #1 ranked on Google for a half-dozen keywords each of which gets 1,000 hits per day, and all that traffic sees the power of the Traffic Wave Money Maker System income opportunity, Internet marketing training, and ad co-op … Imagine what happens when we send a non-spam email to 10 Million people looking for a good way to make money … Now, think about when a few thousand people are funding the ad co-op … your income will skyrocket all because of “spillover”!

What To Do When $88,587 Per Month Is Not Enough

Here’s one of the greatest features of the Traffic Wave opportunity … you can re-enter the matrix over and over again. That means you can earn many times $88,587 per month. You could wait until your matrix is almost full and then re-enter on your 8th, 9th, or 10th level … which extends your profit range by another 10 levels. Or you can re-enter high up in your matrix and get double commissions as your network grows. In fact, if you were really serious about this, you could do what I’m doing … I filled my entire Level 1 with my own re-entries. That means I can sponsor 9 people directly below me each of who is on my Level 2:

Traffic Wave Money Maker System network 3 levels

For example, if you enter the position labeled “You” and positions #1, #2, and #3, and a person joins your network in position A on the diagram above, that person is under you twice (i.e., Level 2 of “You” and Level 1 of “#1”). Furthermore, you get a commission as “You” and as “#1”. And if you really want to accelerate things, you can buy an extra share of the ad co-op for each re-entry.

Extra Bonus: I also plan to re-enter below my best-performing downlink members, and I expect a whole string of builders will re-enter with me. How would you like to have a group of serious builders join your downline?

How To Re-Enter The Matrix

Re-entering the matrix is easy. You can either sign up again using your own Traffic Wave referral link … which will put you in the first slot of your downline, or you can use the referral link of a specific person in your downline.

How To Build Your Personal Downline Directly

Hopefully, by now, you already know why you should do everything you can to promote the Traffic Wave Money Maker System offer page, but what if you want to directly sponsor people too? Here’s how to do it …

Just send people to your Traffic Wave referral links or a web page you create that promotes your link … and considering all the free Internet Marketing training you’re going to get, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t build your own site eventually … when people join via your affiliate link, send them to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System offer page to join the ad co-op (or you can send them to one of our viral sites using the free bonuses as incentives).

Your sign-ups will join the ad co-op for all the bonuses and the power of super-cheap, high-quality advertising. Plus, the fact you send them to our web pages, creates traffic which boosts our search engine rank even more … which means more traffic, more sign-ups, and more spillover!

A SPECIAL Technique For The Really Impatient

As you already know, one share of the ad co-op gets your Traffic Wave affiliate URL listed one time in the ad co-op. But you can buy more than 1 ad share if you wish. Just Click Here and buy as many shares as you wish and enter your Traffic Wave ID. 

However, you will be better served if you re-enter your Traffic Wave matrix and buy 1 ad share per Traffic Wave ID instead. The only requirement, however, is your Traffic Wave ID must be in my downline. Be sure to read the next section before buying additional shares.

How Do We Keep The Ad Co-op Open To New Members And Prevent Dilution?

The Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-op starts with 200 original shares, and each share gets 1 entry in the co-op. However, when 100 shares are sold, the total number of shares will double to 400 and holders of the original 100 shares sold will get 2 shares for each original share … which means an original shares that split 2-for-1 will be entered in the co-op URL rotator 2 times (i.e., one time for each of the new shares). This means 200 of the 400 shares are in use, but it now leaves 200 new shares to be sold. 

Traffic Wave Money Maker System share splits

So you can see, your original share will retain its “buying power” in the ad co-op without dilution while we still create new shares for new shares for new members. Remember, this still helps new members too, because (1) they can participate, and (2) all your doubled shares generate spillover to the new members. Furthermore, the increasing revenue buys more advertising which helps everyone.

Additional Questions

Can I ever change my Traffic Wave ID in the ad co-op? No.

What happens if I cancel my co-op subscription?

There will be no refunds of any ad co-op share purchase. When you cancel your subscription to the ad co-op, URL’s will be removed immediately upon cancellation. In addition to canceling the benefits of the paid advertising, you will also give up the future benefit of the free advertising efforts since your URL’s will be removed from the rotator. If you have multiple subscriptions and you cancel one, only the URL associated with the canceled subscription will be removed, and if the associated URL has been entered multiple times (e.g., as a result of share splits) all instances of that URL will be removed. 

How Do I Cancel?

To cancel your ad co-op subscription, log into your PayPal account and look up your subscriptions, and cancel it. When you cancel your subscription, you lose those shares forever. For example, if you bought a share for a given Traffic Wave ID and it split twice resulting in 4 shares for that Traffic Wave ID, you will lose all 4 shares. If you subsequently buy into the ad co-op again for that Traffic Wave ID (or any other), you get 1 shares (and 1 entry in the rotator), not 4.

If I Cancel, Can I Get Back In?

Yes, but when you re-subscribe, as explained above, you will get one share per share at the current share value.

Will You Ever Reverse Split The Shares? No.

How Do I Join The Ad Co-op Or Buy Extra Shares?

Go to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System offer page and complete “Step 2” at the bottom of the page; this will allow you to enroll in the Members Only newsletter to get all the free monthly bonuses as well. If you are already a subscriber to the Members Only newsletter, you can buy additional shares in the Ad Co-op here.

Is 100% Of All Ad Co-Op Revenue Used For Paid Advertising?

The funds received for the ad co-op will primarily be used for paid advertising such as Pay-Per-View marketing, mass email marketing, ezine ads, offline advertising. However, funds may also be use for outsourcing and investment in new marketing methods and materials such as commercials, ad designs, articles, ebooks, videos, back links, new services and opportunities, corporate fees, and free advertising distribution.       Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-op