Hi Speed Marketing Secrets (1-Click Marketing)


Hi Speed Marketing Secrets (1-Click Marketing Techniques)

Hi speed marketing secrets - 1-click marketing techniques This guide presents dozens of hi speed marketing secrets (including a number of 1-click marketing techniques)  for boosting your search engine rankings through the 3 basic elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO): content, backlinks, & traffic. This guide doesn’t focus so much on explaining “why” these techniques work … except for a quick overview provided below … because the Hi Speed Marketing Secrets Guide is designed for quick action and results rather than theory. To learn more about SEO … including the how and the why … you should refer to the free training available when you join the Traffic Wave Money Maker System.

The Hi Speed Marketing Secrets Are Not Limited To The Traffic Wave Money Maker System

This guide is primarily designed for participants in the Traffic Wave Money Maker System as a way to significantly increase the speed or rate their income grows, but the concepts and resources provided here apply to marketing most any product or service online.

How The Hi Speed Marketing Secrets Guide Works

The diagram below reveals how the 3 primary elements build your search engine rank: How hi speed marketing techniques & 1-click marketing works On the highest level, the search engine rank of any individual web page is a function of the page content, external links point to the web page (a.k.a., “backlinks”) and the amount of traffic the site gets. And as shown in the picture, the higher your web page ranks, the more traffic you get since most people click on the highest listed sites on page 1 of their search results. Thus, once you “prime the pump” with content and backlinks, page rank grows as a self-fulfilling process. Although the basic equation for search engine ranking is … page rank equals content + back links + traffic, the reality is unique and changing content is better for page rank than content that doesn’t change or grow; backlinks from different types of sites with different “anchor text” is better than the same number of links from fewer types of web sites; and traffic from multiple sources (that stay on the page for awhile) is better than lots of traffic lasting only 10 to 20 seconds. “Anchor text” is the word or phrase you see on a hyperlink. Based on these guidelines, the Hi Speed Marketing Secrets Guide presents a wide variety of ways and sources to create content, links and traffic including many 1-click marketing techniques. If you are a participant in the Traffic Wave Money Maker System … the more of these techniques you use, the better it is for everyone in the program and the faster your income will grow. If you are planning to use the techniques for your own sites and purposes, the page below serves as a bank of hyperlinks you can click to quickly access lots of sites such as article directories, free press release services, social marketing sites, etc. Basic instructions are provided for each category as well. The whole guide is designed for speed.

Get Paid To Build Your Income

If you are taking advantage of the “Get Paid To Build Your Income” program where I will actually pay you to market the Traffic Wave Money Maker System so we all benefit, then you must complete the minimum number of activities each month and log what you do for any month in which you would like to get paid. By the way, your pay for participating in the Get Paid To Build Your Income program is independent of the income you make from the Traffic Wave Money Maker System. When complete the minimum required activities, complete the log form and send it to me between the 1st and the 10th of the following month for verification so you can get paid. You don’t have to be a member of the Traffic Wave Money Maker System to get paid to market for us, but if you are a member, you will be getting paid to help build your Traffic Wave Money Maker System income.

Using the Hi Speed Marketing Secrets & 1-Click Marketing Checklist

1-click marketing hi speed marketing secretsThe checklist below is organized into essentially 5 sections. The first section below incorporates 1-click marketing techniques and more for generating traffic to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System (TWMMS) web pages. The second section includes sources for generating backlinks to the TWMMS web pages, and the third section includes links to forms so you can submit content to us to include on our website. Section 4 includes some valuable bonuses, services, and products you can get free as well as some websites that may interest you. Section 5 includes details on the procedure to get paid to build your income. To use these techniques, simply start at the top and work your way down … or you can click the links below to jump to a specific section: Traffic Generators  Link Generators  Content Generators  Free Bonuses  More Details NOTE: Links not yet activated (i.e., turned into a link) are not yet ready, but will be coming soon.  


TRAFFIC Generators & 1-Click Marketing Techniques

This section of the Hi Speed Marketing Secrets Guide provides 1-click marketing techniques for generating traffic.

1-Click Marketing:

[3] Click each of these “social notifiers” & provide a comment:

[7] Click each link below, scroll through the page, & leave it open at least 1 minute:

Search Engine Marketing:

Click 1 of the Search Engine links & enter follow directions below.            
     Yahoo     Bing

[0] Enter the keywords shown below in the search engine you selected; then look for the search result with the Title shown below & click it. When the page opens, scroll down the page, and leave it open at least 1 minute.
TITLE: The Traffic Wave Money Maker SystemKeywords:
Traffic Wave Money Maker System
money maker system
traffic wave
income online
creating traffic to your website
money maker
The Traffic Wave Money Maker SystemKeywords:
Traffic Wave Money Maker System
money maker system
traffic wave
income online
creating traffic to your website
money maker
Money Maker System – How To Make Money Automatically Keywords:
money maker system
money maker
money makers
make money
make money automatically
eMarketers Club – Your Free Online Source of Email Marketing InformationKeywords:
emarketers club
email marketing information
Affiliate Profits Club – Secrets of Affiliation Known Only By The Super AffiliatiesKeywords:
affiliate profits club
affiliate profits
Web Profits Club – The Best Money Maker Strategies OnlineKeywords:
web profits club
money maker
best money maker
how to make more money
Power Copy Club – How To Write Copy & Turn Your Sales Letter Into Cash MachinesKeywords:
power copy club
power copy
sales letter
copy club
how to write copy
Power Marketers Club – Grasp the power of marketing successKeywords:
power marketers club
marketers club
power of marketing
Product Profits Club – How to create products & promote themKeywords:
product profits club
product creation
how to create products
Wealth Upgrade Club – The How To Get Rich & Stay Rich Wealth ClubKeywords:
wealth upgrade club
wealth club
the wealth club
retiring rich
how to get rich
Membership Marketers Club – How To Sell A MembershipKeywords:
membership marketers club
how to sell a membership
Success ClubKeywords:
success club
success upgrade club
Web Traffic Generation ClubKeywords:
traffic generation club
traffic generation
web traffic generation
free web traffic
Make 4 Times As Much Income From The Traffic Wave Money Maker SystemKeywords:
Traffic Wave Money Maker System
traffic wave
Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-opKeywords:
Traffic Wave Money Maker System Ad Co-op
Traffic Wave Money Maker System
traffic wave ad co-op
Hi Speed Marketing Secrets (1-Click Marketing)Keywords:
hi speed marketing
speed marketing
marketing secrets
1-click marketing
build your income

[1] More Online Traffic Generators:

  • Set your home page to one or more of the pages above.
  • Distribute Viral Reports
  • Joint Ventures
  • Solo Ads
  • Ezine Ads
  • Tell A Friend About Us
  • Personal Referrals
  • Email Marketing (spam-free)

Offline Traffic Generators:

  • Post flyers
  • Post Classified Ads in newspapers or magazines
  • Post Cards (mail or hand out)
  • Local News Release
  • Give away the MP3 audio
  • Distribute Sales Letters


This section presents techniques and 1-click marketing checklists for popular sites; the goal is to create as many links from as many different types of sites as possible. Each link opens a new window directly to the “Submit” page or “Login” page as available.The best strategy for these techniquesis to write a quality article, post, or press release with more than 500 words. Then cut out a section or two to get ~400 words. Send your 400-word original to one of the article directories, “spun” versions to the other directories (spinning is optional but recommended), and send the original version (500+ words) to me to post as content on our site.IMPORTANT: Be sure to “Preview” your articles & posts before “Submitting” them when possible to ensure your links are good. Some can be entered as http://moneymakersystems.org/, but others have to entered with HTML like this:

<a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/“>Traffic Wave Money Maker System</a>

Click here for recommended links and anchor text for your articles and posts.

Be sure to ping your posted links after they are published. Just enter the URL and a description on Pingomatic.com, pingoat.net/, or Pingler.com

[7] 7 Submissions among the article directories and/or press release directories are required for the “Get Paid To Build Your Income” program. This means you can write 1 piece and submit it to any 7 (or more) article and/or press release directories.

Article Directories

Writing guideline



Press Release Directories

Writing guideline


www.IdeaMarketers.com  (use <a href…> in URL’s in body & resource box)





Blog Directories

Writing guideline


If you have your own blog site, click each link below & submit it. These sites are not appropriate for marketing TWMMS.


You can also post links on the types of website listed below. 

IMPORTANT: When posting links on forums and comments on blogs, you should include the link as part of your signature rather than blatantly advertising in your post unless you are directly answering a question with a solution. For example, if someone has posted an article on auto responders on their blog, your comments should focus on their topic; then you can enter your name and a link to http://moneymakersystems.org/ as your signature. On the other hand, if the blog post was asking a question such as “What’s the best way to make money with auto responders?”, then you could talk directly about the Traffic Wave Money Maker System and include the link in the body of your comment.

[3] For the “Get Paid To Build Your Income” program, you must create at least 3 “permanent” links in forums, blogs, your websites, or social sites (classified ads don’t count as “permanent”).
Forums: Find appropriate forums by Google searching:  <niche> + forums
EXAMPLE:  Enter this in the search field:  money maker forums
Blog Comments:  Find blogs in the niche (or closely related) for your web site and post a comment. You can find such blogs that allow comments by entering one of the following statements in the Google search field. Copy the entire statement, and paste it in the search field on Google, then replace the red “KEYWORD” with a keyword in your niche before clicking the “Search” button.site:.com inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “KEYWORDsite:.org inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “KEYWORD

site:.gov inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “KEYWORD

site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “KEYWORD

WARNING: Be sure to follow the Blog Writing guidelines to keep your comment from being deleted by the blog owner.

Social Sharing:  Click the page links below & then click one or more of the colorful social site icons at the bottom of the web page and post a comment:


Classified Ads:  Publish a classified ad at Craigslist.com or Backpage.com. Check our Marketing Aids page for example classified ads. Here are a bunch more sites where you can place free classified ads.
Publish Links On Your Websites:  If you have your own website, you can also post a link, ad, post, article, or review about the Traffic Wave Money Maker System on your web site.

Recommended Links and “Anchor Text” to post on your articles, press releases, & blogs are presented below.

NOTE: Links are shown in red; Anchor text is in blue. You may vary the anchor text.

  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/the-traffic-wave-money-maker-system/“>Traffic Wave Money Maker System</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org“>Money Maker Systems</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/squeeze-page/“>Thinking Bigger</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/mmsLike/“>Money Makers</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwEMC/“>Email Marketing Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwAPC/“>Affiliate Profits Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwWPC/“>Web Profits Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwPCC/“>Power Copy Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwPMC/“>Power Marketers Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwPPC/“>Product Profits Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwWUC/“>The Wealth Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwMMC/“>Membership Marketers Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwSUC/“>Success Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/sfwTGC/“>Traffic Generation Club</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/make-4-times-as-much-income-from-the-traffic-wave-money-maker-system/“>Money Makers System</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/traffic-wave-money-maker-system-ad-co-op/“>Money Maker Ad Co-op</a>
  • <a href=”http://moneymakersystems.org/hi-speed-marketing-secrets-1-click-marketing-techniques/“>1-click marketing</a>

CONTENT Generators

[1] You must send us at least 1 Article or Testimonial (as described below) to qualify for the “Get Paid To Build Your Income” program. Be sure to read the “IMPORTANT” note below. Limit of 1 testimonial per 4 months.SEND US YOUR ARTICLES: The easiest and best way to help us build content, which helps us increase our SEO page rank and get more visitors to build your income, is to send us your original long-version articles (preferably 500 words or more), press releases, reviews, and blog posts for the short-version articles, releases, and posts you submit to the directories.This way we get maximum benefit for doing the work just once. The reasons we request your long original versions are (1) Google gives more page rank credit to more comprehensive (i.e., longer) sources of information and (2) your original version is typically better-written than spun versions.

IMPORTANT:  I will review your submissions for quality, grammar and “percent of uniqueness”, and I reserve the right to make grammatical corrections and potentially add tidbits here and there and/or make any corrections in the content before publishing. The “percent of uniqueness” test will be run with DupeFreePro to verify the article is not copied from somewhere else or just PLR. Please write your own articles, or if you use PLR, be sure you significantly modify it. If the “percent of uniqueness” is not at least 50%, you will not receive credit for the article in our “Get Paid To Build Your Income” program. Please click here for the form to submit your content.

SEND US YOUR COMMENTS Another great way to send us content is to send us a quick summary of why you are participating in the Traffic Wave Money Maker System … or what you plan to do with the money. You can submit your comments here. Please don’t just say, “I want money.” Provide an interesting comment such as “I want to use the income to ____”, or “I want to be financially free so I can _______”, or “I’m doing this because it’s the only legitimate way I have found to make money without investing a lot of time”, “or “I’m excited about TWMMS, because it lets me _______”. Let us know your dream or why you really need the benefits.

NOTE: Quality comments may be accepted for publication. All published content received from you will include your last name and first name initial. Don’t submit anything you don’t want anyone else to know.

SEND US YOUR TESTIMONIAL Another really valuable way to help us build content is by submitting us your testimonial about the Traffic Wave Money Maker System. Click here to submit your testimonial. We will also send you a great gift when you submit a complete testimonial.


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[1,2] Free Offers: Click the picture below to learn about the product. Click the hyperlink caption to get it free.
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[1] More Sites That May Interest You:

Free Investment Training      Why Silver Prices are going to Zoom Past Gold    Talking Watches
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The “Get Paid To Build Your Income” Program

The Get Paid To Build Your Income is a great way to make enough money per month to essentially get your TrafficWave.net or Ad Co-op share for free. To qualify for each monthly payment, you must complete the Get Paid Log Form between the 1st and 10th of the following month. If you meet all the requirements as shown on this page, I will credit your Paypal account for $18.

Each section above is marked with the following symbol:  [#].  The number in brackets indicates how many of the items in that category must be completed to qualify for this month’s payment. For example, if you see “[2]”, that means a minimum of 2 of the items in that section must be completed this month. Of course, everything you do on this page, helps build your income by creating more traffic to the Traffic Wave Money Maker System.

Here is a quick summary of the minimum requirements you must complete to qualify for payment with the “Get Paid To Build Your Income” program:

  • 1-Click Marketing Section:
  • Click 3 “Social Notifier” buttons
  • Visit 7 pages for at least 1 minute
  • Links Section:
  • Submit an article or press release to 7 directories (this can be a single article submitted to 7 different directories). You must provide all 7 URL’s (i.e., web addresses of the articles or press releases).
  • Create 3 “permanent” links in forums, blogs, social sites, and/or your own websites (classified ad sites don’t qualify). You must provide all 3 URL’s.
  • Content Section: 
  • Submit 1 “long-version” content piece (greater than 500 words & greater than 50% unique measured by DupeFreePro software) or complete the “Testimonial” form. The Testimonial can not be submitted more often than once every 4 months (for the purposes of the “Get Paid” program).
  • Free Offer Section:
  • Complete at least 1 Free Offer.
  • More Sites That May Interest You Section: 
  • Visit at least 1 site for at least 1 minute.

Of course, you are encouraged to do more. Each action helps build your income, but the requirements listed above are the “Minimum” you must complete to get paid for the month. The entire process should take you less than 1 hour … maybe less than a half hour.

Remember, to get paid, you must complete the Log Form between the 1st & 10th of the following month.

http://moneymakersystems.org   Hi Speed Marketing Secrets & 1-Click Marketing